How can you tell if your child has Aspergers?

Aspergers syndrome was discovered in 1944 and was named after the pediatrician and psychiatrist that discovered it. Unfortunately the clarification of the disorder was not widely accepted until 1981 so telling if your child has aspergers can be quite a difficult task but there are some general tips that you can evaluate to better your understanding as to whether your child is portraying aspergers symptoms:

  1. Aspergers symptoms can range from very mild to extremely severe. Children with aspergers generally have difficulties with even the smallest amount of change to any routines and prefer consistency in everything. Any change to a routine may cause the child to be reduced into tantrums.
  2. A lot of the children with aspergers will be referred to as ‘Little Professors’ as aspergers sufferers do have normal intelligence but often they will display a high level of skill in a particular area.
  3. All aspergers sufferers have a big problem with social interactions. Children who suffer from aspergers will desperately want to play with their friends but they struggle with the capability to interact and will often be seen left at the side of games in the playground. It is important to note that whilst from our point of view that can be seen as extremely sad, they may well not recognize the social stigma of being ‘left out’ as much as someone who does not suffer from aspergers.
  4. Children with aspergers syndrome tend to see the world in a different way to non aspergers syndrome suffers. It is not that they are being rude or odd on purpose.
  5. Aspergers children can come across as quite uncompassionate and not sympathetic but this again is not on purpose, they just don’t realize that it is necessary or expected in society.
  6. Some will not even make eye contact with others but this is not the case with all aspergers sufferers.
  7. Some children with aspergers will talk in unusual tones or have exceptionally fast speech patterns but not all experience this.
  8. If your child is very sensitive to sound, light or different types of food this can also be a sign of aspergers.

Do children with Aspergers syndrome will get better?

With effective treatment, children with aspergers syndrome can learn to overcome their disabilities, but they may still find social situations and personal relationships challenging. Many adults with aspergers syndrome work successfully in mainstream jobs, although they may continue to need encouragement and moral support to maintain an independent life.

Alternative treatment – Neuro Acupuncture Treatment

Neuro acupuncture acts in the Brain of the aspergers syndrome kids. The neuro acupuncture will helps connect the brain cells and the brain’s neurons in a better manner so that they will get better corresponding control over the aspergers syndrome behavior, speech, alertness, awareness of happening around and better control over themselves.

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